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Day 3

Day 3 (late, but here it is)


'Stay on site', they said. 'Better than getting wet', they said.


And then the rain came.


Th early part of the day wasn't too bad - we were having breakfast, and then there were some indoor games.  It is worth noting at this stage that Team Green won both of the Mat Surfing games, thanks in no small part to too much breakfast.


It started to rain.


We enjoyed parachute games, which involved being eaten by sharks and learning that we don't have many September birthdays in Y4 or Y5.


It rained.


The 'Earthball' was rather splendid and it gave everyone the opportunity for a bit of revenge, by trying to knock me over, and then by the teachers bouncing the ball on the children!  


It's still raining.


And then Jenny said 'oh, it looks like it's only a drizzle.  We can do the obstacle course.  Well, the Lea Green version of drizzle is not the same as the Camm's version, but we had a go anyway!


It rained harder.


The children were kitted up in helmets and coats (Sowesters, wetsuits and flippers would have  been better, but hey-ho) and off we went.


The course was wet, muddy, slippery and precarious, but again, our children were fabulous.  Helping and supporting, propping-up and carrying each other as and when needed.  So through the rain (did i mention the rain), there were rays of glorious-friendly-sunshine.


It's raining more now.


The finale was the Car Wash (more wash than car by this stage) and the children forced their way through a track of car tyres to pop out the other end.  No cleaner, but certainly wetter.


And so the rain rained more.


However, this mattered not.  We were done.  We headed back to the changing rooms for a towel-down and some lunch and then a farewell.


Lea Green has been good to us this year, and we have been good to it.  The staff complimented me on the children (and I pass this on to you at home), something that doesn't always happen.


I sincerely hope that you at hope enjoyed the time as much as we did.  We had tears, laughter, screams, headaches, wet clothes, scares, more laughs and a thoroughly good time.


Thanks again to Miss Smith and Miss Blacklock for their time and effort - without dedicated staff like this, Lea Green, and lots of the other extra-curricular things we do at Camm's, simply cannot happen.


Mr C.


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