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Day 3

Day 3


Both Groups – Adventure Day


The day started in just the same way as before – tried eyes, woe-is-me looks and a general feeling of I NEED MORE SLEEP.  However, once the wind had whipped up the energy we headed to the wilds of Derbyshire.


Group D, with me, started at a leisurely pace with a lovely walk over Monsal Head Bridge and to the buttresses at the other side.  The climbs up the faces of the walls was tricky and led to a few tears, but everyone had a go and set us up nicely for the abseil to come.


Lunch was shortly after, and then a walk across the Stepping Stones of DOOM, or the slightly wet stones around the edge of the river -depends on your point of view. A tip-of-the-hat to Lily and Alfie for not getting washed away as the raging torrent whooshed around their feet.


Then. It. Was. The. Bridge.


A 70ft drop from the edge of the Monsal Bridge onto the edge of the river below.  The children were magnificent.  We had tears of joy, laughter, surprise (‘crikey, that was rapid' said Zak) and wonderfully supportive attitude. 


Even Miss Smith got carried away on the tide of bravery, courage and derring-do and she had a go too!  (Casually Hi-5-ing a member of another group on the way down).


Shout-Outs today – Shakayah for turning the fear into cheer with a successful abseil, and Jodie for having the sort of attitude that carries others along.


Mr Hill said that his group were the mirror-image of ours (he’s left for the evening), but his ‘Braveheart’ for today was Jay – for realising that the abseiling opportunity may never come again so it was now or never.  He chose now.


9.15pm is bedtime –let’s see if Miss Smith can have a full night’s sleep which doesn’t include a 2am ‘Miss Smith, I feel sick’ knock on the door from one of the girls' rooms.  Fingers crossed!