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Day 2

Day 2  -Tiredness Strikes


The false-dawn that was an 'all clear by 10:30pm night' has struck.


Several children began the day looking bleary-eyed and a little sheepish when asked 'Did you sleep well?'  As staff, we were astonished that it was quiet at half-ten, but perhaps this was a cunning plan.  Whatever the reason, it has come back to bit some of the children.


However, we all battled on manfully today and made the most of the energy we had.


Group 1 - Team swing, buggies and canoeing


Group 2 - High Ropes and Canoeing


Group 3 - High Ropes and Team Swing


The dark clouds gathered and made the Team Swing and High Ropes a little greasy, but that didn't stop 7 (seven) of Group 2 from making it to the top of the platform - surpassing the previous record of 5 from Group 1.  In retaliation, Group 1 made sure that EVERYONE made it to the highest point of Team Swing - both an effort of mind and body!


Lunch was a rather splendid sandwich with some Halloween-inspired biscuits or gingerbread skeletons.


After lunch, Group 1 headed for the water and managed to make it through the afternoon without capsizing, being scuttled, pirates or shark-attacks.  There were a few attempted mutinies from disgruntled sailors, but it all ended well with no-one losing an eye or needing a hook-replacement hand.


Recreation time saw the boys play in the sports hall and the girls shower.  I am not 100% sure when/if the boys have showered AT ALL this week, but that's not my problem as I am in the car tomorrow, and not on the coach.  Apologies in advance to any parent who is overcome by fumes  -a pressure-washer might be useful. 


The evening entertainment was 'Smuggler's Run' which was a joint-activity with the other school that are sharing the site with us.  I would like to say that our children were polite, respectful and engaged in the right spirit.


Here are the action-shots from the day...