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Day 2

Day 2


Group D – Mountain Bikes, Zip Line, Stream Scrambling


A day of two halves if ever there was one.  The morning was full of yawns, moans, apathy and a general feeling of ‘wish I had slept more’ – but that was just the girls.  The boys, *seemed* to have slept, or were on a euphoric-high from the sugar and 36 hours of being awake. 


As a result, the bikes and zip wire passed with a few tears, many laughs and far too much wind and rain for the average Year 6.  The weather took a bit of the gloss off the activities.  Mind you, I think we all know that when the staff say ‘3 layers’ they mean ‘3 layers’ and not just a flimsy single layer.


After lunch, someone swapped the group.


We were joined by Tom who fancied the stream scrambling more than caving.  The change in the group dynamic and overall attitude was incredible.  The whole group smiled, got wet, got muddy, got wet, slipped on rocks, got wet, had squidgy feet and got wet.  The effort to power through the damp feet was superb and the whole group, led by Shay, was magnificent.


Special shout-outs to Zak for his care and attention in keeping Tom (and Andy, our group leader) safe, and Annaleese for really showing us that smiles are contagious and effort has its own reward.


Group E – Low Ropes, Caving, Climbing Wall


The morning began with low ropes, indoor caving and the climbing wall. All the children managed to climb the wall to their personal best and several improved their climbs throughout the session. A special shout out to Martha who showed Spiderman-like qualities when climbing. A few tears were followed by many cheers when they realised they could do it. We had a fantastic effort from all the children during the afternoon’s activity - Caving.


Each of the children conquered their personal fears, managed to turn their lights of (pitch black darkness) and all travelled down the Miner’s Toilet (a tight fit for all especially the teachers).


Evening - Zombie Attack


A variation on ‘Group Tig’ where the zombies hunt the survivors, and the medics try to help where they can.  This was a joint game between us and St Andrews, with mixed groups.  Again, lots of excellent behaviour, team spirit and a chance to get to know our neighbours.


A shout-out this time to Jordan for finding out, the hard way, where the bog is.  Fortunately, his shoe will recover, but looks more like a zombie than a Nike.

So, it’s now 9.05pm, the kids are heading for bed and we are all keep our fingers crossed for a quieter night.


If this gets updated at 2.50am, you can draw your own conclusions.