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Day 1

Day 1


The day started well, with an uneventful journey.  The fog tried to get in the way as we headed over towards Matlock, but it takes more than that to stop Camm's from reaching their destination.  Miss Blacklock and Miss Smith were heroic on the coach, whilst Mr Cocking took the chance to grab some peace and quiet by driving there (he knew what was coming...)


On arrival, the children were asked to sort out their rooms - sheets, duvets, pillow cases  -to varying degrees of success.  It is rumoured that 3 boys are still lost inside the duvet covers, but as it's quieter without them, we're not too fussed.


The children were split into their groups after lunch (yes, bedrooms took all the way to lunch to sort) and headed out:


Group 1 - High Ropes Course


Group 2 - Canoeing


Group 3 - Team Swing


(Photos below)


I can say that Group 1 (Mr C's group) were epic!  The cry of 'I can't go any higher' were larger ignored, in favour of 'yes you can', 'have a try' and 'how's the view from the top?'.  ALL of them pushed themselves to go higher and were a pleasure to have in the group.


After tea we did some on-site orienteering in the dark.  This was a new experience and one that may need modifying for next year.  I'll leave it at that.


So to end the day, please enjoy some photo's.  The signal up here is basic, bordering on Ludite, so I will update as best I can.