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Day 1

And we're off!


A super start to the week with 24 out of 24 children successfully navigating the rock scrambling.  A few tears as the task was new and scary, but all managed it - much mutual support and pride on show.


Tea was pizza and wedges, with 19 out of 24 able to use a knife and fort successfully.  Who knew they were better at climbing than cutlery?


After tea, we jumped in the bus and headed off down the Goyt Valley to the reservoir for the night walk.  The skies were fairly clear, the temperature seemed sub-tropical in places, and the 3 mile walk (we told the kids it was only 2) was well-navigated.  Again, lots of support, helping each other out, waiting and watching, calling out hazards, and all returned in one piece.


I write this at 10.24pm.  Most of the rooms are quiet, some stage-whispers and hushed conversations - which are fine.  Hopefully they get lots of sleep and ready for tomorrow.


Group D - My group - Adventure Day.  Abseiling, scrambling and picnic out.


Group E - Mr Hill - Ropes and bikes.


However, as with everything in this part of the world, the weather may have its say.


Photos pending.