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Courage - Term 3



Courage is the greatest of virtues.  Without courage, we have nothing.


This quote has been attributed to many people over years, but the idea still remains the same.

If you are not brave enough to have a go, try, attempt something, put yourself out there, extend a hand, offer help, then it doesn't matter what you think nothing will happen.


We all have our fears, whether they be the more common 'phobias' or heights, enclosed spaces, open spaces, or the more individual ones, courage is needed to overcome these.


It is important for us as adults to recognise these fears, give them a name and not let them rule us.  It is also important for us to give the message to the children that it is OK to be scared.


Every time I stand up in front of the school or Church to lead Collective Worship, introduce a play (remember those days?!) or give a reading in Church, my heart is pounding.  What if I mess up, forget my words, trip over on the way or not realise my shirt has been buttoned wrongly (yes, it happened)?  All of these things run through my head and all of these things tell me 'Don't do it; you'll look a fool'.


Each and every time I need to be reasonable and say 'So what.  Worse things have happened'.  The only thing I know is that if I back out now, the next time will be harder, until eventually I cannot go through with it any more.


We are all human.


So this term, our theme of courage is based on stories which inspire us to do the things that scare us, make us feel that the task in front of us is too big, but that having a go is the only way forward.




Star of the Week


Last one of the term.


Come along for a story, some certificates, a song and some more certificates.


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Online Collective Worship


Many thanks to those that joined me this morning.


The videos had a bit of a problem loading  -will try something else next time - but if you don't try, you will never know!  


The ideas following this are:


Ruth - The story of a brave woman in the bible, an dhow she make decisions that were difficult, but all worked out in the end.


Shine Jesus Shine - all about asking God to give us the courage to be brave and help us to shine.


Pandas in the snow - a short video about some giant pandas in the Washington Zoo and how they react to snow.  


Apologies for cutting it short, but when the bandwidth is starting to creak and buckle at this end, I felt it better to stop than be forced to stop.


Stay safe




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Shine Jesus Shine

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32 David and Goliath

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven." [Matthew 19:14] *****Copyright Information***...

Rev Andy


His prayer today (11/1) thanked the Lord for challenges. He thanks the Lord for making us do things that frighten us, worry us and make us doubt ourselves. This seems a bit odd - why should we be thankful for things that scare us and make us nervous? 


Well, the answer is pretty obvious - by challenging ourselves, it makes us better.  It makes us stronger, wiser, more resilient and more able to face what the day throws at us (more challenges!).


Giving up really isn't an option.


We don't have t face those challenges alone.  Our faith in God, ourselves and each other will help with those challenges.


In the story of David and Goliath, one of the images (as pointed out by Y5/6) is that maybe the things that LOOK big and scary, can be sorted in the simplest of ways.  The key is finding that way!


The only thing you will achieve by not trying is failing.

Star of the Week - Teams Meet


Well, courage is the theme so with that in mind...


Here is a link to a Star of the Week Teams meeting for Friday at 1pm-ish.


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Fingers crossed!

Courage - Jonah and the Fish (Whale)

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To go with out theme of courage, we have two videos all about how Jonah wasn't very brave at the start, apologised, and then saw what the right this was.

Jonah and the Fish - a song!

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