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Collective Worship

Collective Worship

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5


Collective Worship is a key part of the school day, with a daily gathering of our school community to give thanks for what we have, who we have and a time to think why we have it.


In these testing times, a period of quiet reflection is what we all need.  Time to reset, time to think and time to look for the positives.


This page has a collection of resources aimed at giving you some solace in uncertain times. 


If your child would be willing to write a prayer, or produce some artwork to be published on the Collective Worship page, please email the school a copy: Alternatively, the children may use the online form on this page to 'Post a Prayer' (parent email address required). Many thanks.



Here is a weekly timetable which you may find supportive for engaging with Collective Worhip at Home.


Monday: Fischy Assembly Online, 11am Youtube

Tuesday: 'Celebrate in Song' (choose Collective Worship song to learn and enjoy - see links below)

Wednesday: Family at 4pm (@worshipforeveryone on fb)

Thursday: Picture News (see weekly resources)

Friday: Collective Worship Online (Collective Worship page on school website)

Collective Worship Online

Collective Worship - Wisdom

Still image for this video
This my first attempt at putting one together. Hopefully the quality is fine as it is a compression of a compression and it doesn't always work.

It's a 16 minute session, which is shorter than our normal assemblies (hmm, thoughts for the future...).

Looking to the Rainbow

Here are some more details about our ‘Looking to the Rainbow’ song project. Firstly, we would like to encourage as many children to learn the song for their own enjoyment. We also are planning to put a video together of some of our pupils singing this song. Here are some useful steps if you would like to take part.


  1. Learn the song: If we are going to be able to use your video, it is important that know the words off by heart and can follow the tune. If you are confident with this, it will help you to relax and enjoy singing the song for your video.
  2. Read the tips for your recording pdf document.
  3. Use a backing a track: If you are using headphones and singing on your own, download the performance backing track (‘backing track + calls). This is probably the simplest approach. If singing with a sibling or siblings, using ‘backing track + count in’ could be used (played from an audio device).
  4. Please wear your school uniform for your video which should be shot in a portrait position (use grid to help with positioning…see tips)
  5. Please send your videos to by the end of May.

The original video by The Blue Coat School  and further information can be found on Unfortunately, we are unable to promise to use every video we are sent. We hope this is a project that many of you (including members of the school choir) can get behind. Please download the resources (including tips) from the website by clicking here.


Fischy Music

Fischy Music is a resource that we have recently purchased at school. These are ways the children can keep singing with the fischy team over the coming weeks.


1. Check out fischytunes
The children select songs related to their selected emoji/feeling when they enter the website.

2. Subscribe and join us live on YouTube, Mondays 11AM for a live streamed assembly!

3. If your child would like to sing some of the songs we have started using in collective worship at home, they can login to the fischy website using our school login. There are plenty of new songs to learn too!


Username: Eckington
Password: (ECKINGTON!)



Nick & Becky Drake
Nick and Becky are hosting half an hour of a family worship online (@worshipforeveryone on fb) twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays, 4pm). Nick and Becky's songs can also be viewed on youtube.

Here are a few of Nick and Becky's songs that you may enjoy learning at home.

- 'Big Family of God' 

-'Every Step' 

- 'City on a Hill' 

- 'Creator God' 


Out of the Ark Music

Out of the Ark Music have also made many of their resources available for free to support you and your children through these difficult times. Songs for the children to learn and enjoy are released on a weekly basis (one for each day of the week).

Building singing into your daily routine is a fantastic way to bond as a family and keep everyone smiling! The site also includes lots of ideas to extend learning as everyone gets to grip with home schooling.

Faith At Home


This is from the Church of England and contains a number of wonderful resources to help support your faith when attending church is impossible.


Picture News: Black Lives Matter

Picture News

Picture News is a resources that support the children in reflecting on topical issues and items in the news. Picture News encourages children to explore and justify their own views and opinions.


A weekly Picture News assembly can also by viewed on the Picture News Vimeo webpage.

Global Links

Home of Hope Latest News

India trip February 2020!

We had a fantastic time in India in February. Three weeks are never enough! I had another trip planned to be in India in April but due to the travel restrictions I will have to wait until these restrictions lift. We are grateful we had the opportunity to go just in time before the situation with coronavirus escalated.

We have some friends who visited from the UK. They were given some money for charity and they chose us to come to help us in India, wanting to build a playpark for the Home of Hope. They were able to assemble some of the equipment we already had from the container and we also got some extra components. They worked hard to move rocks and create pretty borders near a bench at one end.  It’s a fantastic small playpark now for the children to enjoy. It is really beautiful and they are getting lots of exercise! 

Currently India is in lockdown with the virus, and social measures are being put in place. This means the children are off school, exams cancelled. It is good timing that just before I left India in February I was able to appoint a tutor for the first time, to give them extra help with their school work. At that point I had no idea this would happen and how much we would need their input! 

As our charity continue to focus on a small part of India, it gives us great pleasure to help the poor and needy over there and see transformation in the lives of those we care for. Once Mother Theresa said, ‘Not All of Us Can do Great Things, but We Can do Small Things with Great Love’. The same applies to being here in the UK and may God help you as you bless the communities around you.


With love and prayers,
Mr Sundar Singh Pinninty,
Founder & Director, FLM International.

Find out more about the 'Home of Hope' here.

Toilet Twinning Latest News


Toilet Twinning has responded to the corona virus by launching 'Tap Twinning'. In the weeks since the launch, over £350, 000 has been raised!! The money is helping to protect the most vulnerable communities - from distributing hygiene kits to Rohingya refugees to providing water tanks in Zimbabwe. Find out more here.

Kolkata Link (Diocese)


Derby Diocese has formed some links with some schools in India. Teams of teachers have visited Kolkata to support children, families and teachers by delivering lessons. The diocese have also raised money to support this link. You can find out more here. 

Prayer & Reflection

A prayer for the world

Lord, we pray for all those affected by the current crisis.

For those feeling lonely, give your comfort.

For those missing loved ones, give your courage.

For those feeling worried, give your peace.

For those who have lost a loved one, show your compassion.

We pray for your protection over all those working on the frontline.

We pray for doctors, nurses and scientists, and all who are working to discover the right medicines to help those who are ill.


Thank you that even in these challenging times, you are with each one of us. Amen


Post a Prayer


If you would like to write a short prayer to contribute to the 'More prayers' page, then please complete the form below (parent email address required).

Post a Prayer

Reflection and Prayer Activities


Prayer Spaces in Schools have created some prayer and reflection activities that can be set up easily at home. There are plenty to choose from on the Prayer Spaces at Home page. 


Christian Aid have developed some games appropriate for KS2 children. The games engage the children in a variety of important global issue.


- Fumes or Future

- Safe Place Ludo


There are assembly resources which accompany each game.

Further Resources

William and Lucy resource. I think this is particularly worth encouraging as it helps children at home to take ownership of setting up and leading collective worship. Just be warned these are quite large downloads. Here is the link


HeartSmart Family at Home. Lots of engaging videos which carry a positive message. The site includes fun activities for the children to enjoy too.


Guildford Diocese resources for schools (could be used for churches also) has generated a number of collective worship outlines


IsingPop They've made many of their songs available on their YouTube channel, great for engaging children at home or school (if you are open for key worker children)  





Also Barnabas in Schools are producing an expanding range of resources to support RE in the home in addition to the existing material.


Website –

Face book page


Design a multi-faith prayer space


A smashing, interactive pdf from Simply Collective Worship.


It's a large documents, but has links within it so you can navigate round.