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Afternoon Nursery - Miss Hall


For those of you who are self-isolating, we send you our best wishes and hope you are all ok. 


Your children have settled so well into the Nursery routine since they started in January.  It has been lovely to watch them blossom, make friends, become both more confident and independent.


I am providing you with a range of activities and ideas for you to work at and try with your child during the weeks of closure.  It would be lovely if you could make the afternoons still a ‘Nursery time’ so that their routine can be maintained.  The ‘normal’ timetable can be found below, but with a few tweaks here and there, it can still be followed at home.


In class we were starting to find out about Spring. We have recently been reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, drawing, printing butterflies with paint and colouring butterflies on Purple Mash.  Next week’s focus would be thinking about Easter and new life. We would talk about the life cycle of animals e.g. from egg - chick.  There are lots of Easter resources on 'Twinkl', just create an account and use the code 'UKTWINKLHELPS' for free access to all the resources (see ‘useful websites’)


With regard to phonics, children in the afternoon Nursery have been focusing on Phase 1 and we were starting to look at sounds at the start of Phase 2 (‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’). The website 'Phonics Play'  is great for this and although it usually costs to subscribe, currently it is free: Username: march20   password: home (see ‘useful websites’).

'Normal' timetable for Afternoon Nursery

Useful websites for you to try out 



It would be lovely to see photos of you enjoying

different activities at home.

Build a den
Make some play dough and create your own 'play dough cake shop'

Draw an rainbow outside with chalks

Paint a picture or pattern on a pebble

Design your own game


The ideas are endless!


Send your photos to ''

Check on the Afternoon Nursery class page to see what's been added (see link below)


Indoor activities - a few ideas to get you started

All the children have been sent home with a plain book in their home learning pack. Please use it to draw pictures/write about anything that interests you.  You were also given a name tracing card and number tracing card in the parent meeting so now is the chance to practice with those.  There are also a few worksheets and even an Easter basket to make.

Let's Go To The New Dough Disco

Use any music to move to whilst you squeeze and press the dough.
Groovy music + play dough + exercises = stronger fingers and better pencil control

Outdoor activities - fun ideas for outdoor play and investigation

Why not try ........

  • a building challenge - can you build a house for one of your toys?  You could use lego, empty boxes, stacked plastic cups or even cushions.  Can your toy fit inside it?
  • make an Easter basket - In your home learning pack there should be an outline of an Easter basket to make.  Can you trace over the lines? colour the spots? make some shredded/chopped up paper to go inside?  You could even try making some chocolate nests to add to it.
  • paint/colour an Easter egg - Again, in your home learning pack I sent home some outlines of Easter eggs to colour.  You could use pencils or perhaps paints.  If your grown ups say yes, you could even draw a large egg outside on the ground with chalk and colour it in.