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Afternoon Nursery

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Welcome to Our Afternoon Nursery Page!


Our Teacher is Mr J Lea

Our Teaching Assistant is Miss E Furniss



Afternoon Nursery starts after the Christmas period and is based upon projected numbers.



Afternoon session 12:15pm - 3:15pm


Nursery routine and Curriculum

Our Nursery offers a warm and welcoming environment for children to learn through several forms of play. These include crafting, games, different types of messy play, construction, role-play and small-world. Children are also involved in simple Literacy and Numeracy activities which are catered to meet the individual needs of the children.


We ensure to provide children a stimulating and nurturing environment that ensures that they are able to learn valuable social skills such as co-operation and independence. Our Nursery also encompasses the idea that outdoor play is fundamental to children's learning and healthy living. A recently developed playground area has been developed in this knowledge, which children love! Children are also offered a varied daily healthy snack.



Copies of planning and Topics are displayed in the Nursery and on our class page, so that you can see what your child is doing each half term.


Please view the plan(s) below to see what we are learning in Nursery/Topics covered.


Term 1 (Part 2) MT plan

2nd - 6th July

Tea staining activity

18th - 30th June

Writing about our space missions!
Space small world
Making a film in outer space!
Have you got your space passport?
Planet printing!
Alien colouring!
Alien gloop!
Aliens love underpants creations!
Ice cream shop roleplay!
Creating our own aliens with playdough!

11th June - 15th June

Creating our own Alien Masks!
Understanding how to use our ICT equipment!
Building a rocket!
Carefully balancing..
Space role play!
Playing with our space small world
Shaving foam and paint planets

5th - 8th June

Colouring an Alien!
Playing with the space small world
Being proud of our own work!
Practicing for Sports Day!
Taking a baby out on a trip!
Cafe role play!
Practicing our balancing skills
Hoovering up outside!
Showing good teamwork!

We hope you've all had a good half term holiday! The topic for this half term will be all about space!


The Afternoon Nursery Sports Day will hopefully take place on Thursday 21st June (weather permitting), more information to follow.

Thank you for your support!

Mr Lea

21st - 25th of May

Sorting farm animals into colours.
Decorating our biscuits for snack!

14th May - 18th May

Releasing the butterflies!
There they go..
Developing our climbing skills
Using our small world dinosaurs
Practicing our driving skills!
Our sensory pasta table
Feeding our animals pasta!
Creating magic wands!
Casting a spell!
Cooperative House Building
Eating our own fruit salad!
Shaving foam fun!
Having lots of fun!
A wonderful sensory experience!

8th May - 11th May

Talking about what sounds animals make on a farm.
Practicing writing sounds in our names.
Magnetic Number Fish: Got a bite!
Magnetic Number Fish: Careful now..
What flowers have you got for sale today?
Creating a sandcastle!
Mummies and Daddies roleplay
Creation of a car with magnetic construction!
Farm small world!
Number peg boards.
Creating a ladybird with various materials!
Creating a ladybird with various materials!
Creating our own potato heads!
Junk modelling!
Carefully cutting and sticking.
Being proud of our own creations!

Easter Egg Competition

Gingerbread playdough

Making Chinese lanterns.

Making Chinese lanterns

Practising our cutting skills to make a lantern for the Chinese New Year.

Building in the construction area.

Our Winter display.

What fun we had in the slime Winter Wonderland.

Our playdough Gruffalos.

Making a playdough Gruffalo.

Enjoying the small-world Winter Fairy wonderland.

Making penguins using our footprints.