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Afternoon Nursery

Welcome to Afternoon Nursery!

The Nursery Teacher is Miss Evison.

We have an Apprentice currently working with us and her name is Miss Furniss.



We admit children in  the term following their 3rd birthday in January and April.



The session times are 12.30 - 3.30pm.


Nursery Curriculum

In the Nursery we follow the government's Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

This offers lots of opportunities to learn through play. These include creative activities, small world, messy play, games, construction,  music, maths and literacy activities. We  place a strong emphasis on  outside play, both for its learning opportunities and physical well-being. We value the importance of healthy living with a healthy daily snack.

In Nursery we provide a stimulating, nurturing environment which encourages the children to learn valuable social skills  such as  sharing, co-operation, and independence.



We plan our activities on a half-termly basis. Copies are on display on the Parents' noticeboard.



Achievement Display

We have an achievement display titled "Look what the afternoon children can do!" This celebrates any achievement at home. It can be anything, big or small, from learning a new skill to good behaviour.  Please complete a leaf and we will display it on your child's flower.



We have children's and parents' library boxes.  The children's box is full of favourite books. The parents' box has lots of ideas to help your child's learning at home. These are 'serve yourself'. Please write your details in the books when you borrow and return items.


If you have questions at all about Afternoon Nursery then please do not hesitate to come and speak to Miss Evison. Thank you.



Thurs 29th June - Police Motorbike Visit!

Sports Day 21st June 2017

Celebratory picnic in our Nursery Garden.

12th June - 16th June 2017

Sports Day practise!
Making pictures using the Mosaics
Washing the cars on a hot and sunny afternoon!

6th June - 9th June

Teddy bear's picnic planned by the children!
Counting and sorting seaside shells
More fun at the picnic
Choosing our favourite shell
Building our own models using construction toys
Making our own paper lollipops
Strawberry ones....
Apple ones.....
Pretending to eat our finished lollipops!

Summer Term planning

Please take the time to read this important advice and information.

15th May - 19th May 2017

Using binoculars outside
Fun in space!
Using magnetic letters
Playing in the water tray
Making dinosaurs out of paper plates
Making dinosaurs out of paper plates
Practising our scissor skills
Painting our dinosaur eggs
We used papier mache to make the dinosaur eggs.
Carefully painting the dinosaur egg.

8th May - 12th May 2017

Fun with the dinosaurs
Making dinosaur bones and eggs out of play dough
Practising letters in our name in the salt tray
Buidling a wall with the toy bricks
Amelie is enjoying the see saw
Having a ride in the car
Noah loves the building bricks
Playing in the sand tray
Riley exploring Jurassic Park
Sorting colours with the pegs and boards
Alana concentrating at the writing table

2nd May - 5th May 2017

Our seeds are starting to grow!
We have to remember to keep watering them
Fishing for initial letters in the water tray
Alana found an 'A' for Alana

Wk beginning 24th April - 28th April 2017

Playing in the new role play - Camms Garden Centre
Felicity is an excellent assistant at the till!
We missed each other over the Easter holidays
Good to be back with our friends :-)
Planting our cress seeds
We drew faces on the eggs :-)
The cress will be the hair on the egg heads!
We planted some tomato seeds, thanks to Nicole!
Reception class are looking after some eggs.
They hatched into fluffy little chicks!
The children loved watching the incubator
Kyle in particular loved watching the chicks
He said 'hello chicks' to them through the glass

Welcome back after the Easter break. I hope you enjoyed the holidays. Please find below a copy of the planning for the first couple of weeks of term. This is just a a starting point though and will be amended according to the children's interests. Summer Term 1 Planning - Planting and Growing

After the Easter holidays I will be changing our role play corner to a Garden Centre. If you have anything at home that you think would be useful then we would appreciate any contributions e.g. gardening magazines, seed packets, plant pots, any unwanted artificial or 'real' house plants.

Many thanks,

Miss Evison

Wk beginning 3rd April

Washing the cars
We spent ages on them!
Kyle the Easter Bunny :-)
Don't forget to add your achievements to our wall!
Concentrating and cutting
Singing Bob the Builder as we played
Alana the Easter Bunny
Matching the Easter eggs
Riley's wonderful Easter Bonnet!
Alana's beautiful Easter Bonnet!
Easter egg decorating
We met another one of our new starters, Amelie!

Wk beginning 27th March - 30th March 2017

Pouring water down the guttering
Splish splash spolsh!
More emptying and pouring inside
We met our new starters this week. This is Kaiden.
This is Noah.
This is Yasmina.
This is Amelie.
Having fun with Peppa in the dolls house and park.
5 little ducks went swimming one day......
Roar!!!! Our dinosaurs are always very noisy!
Preparing for Easter.....Harley the Easter Bunny!
Nicole the Easter Bunny :-)
Riley the Easter Bunny. More bunnies to come!
Hope you've had a lovely Mother's Day? I wonder if the children managed to keep their cards a surprise until today.....

Wk beginning 20th March - 24th March 2017

We have been busy making Mothers Day cards
Adding some important kisses to our cards!
The finished products :-)
Washing the dollies in the water tray
Our frog spawn are now tiny tadpoles!
And our caterpillars are getting fatter and fatter
Red Nose Day printing!
Red Nose Day fun
Our first assembly to watch the Red Nose Day show

Wk beginning 13th March - 17th March

We have frog spawn in our Nursery now!
Our Hungry Caterpillar challenge.
Exploring our Nursery garden
Mowing the grass for the first time this year
"Look out this Daffodil!" says Nicole
Playing in the tunnel
Making party hats for Harley's birthday
Our finished party hats!
Presenting Harley with his birthday card
Playing pass the parcel
We had to remember to unwrap just one layer!
and listen for the music to stop
We all had a turn at opening the present
We played musical bumps!
We played Musical Chairs
Here are the birthday buns we decorated ourselves
Playing at the outside writing table

Wk beginning 6th March - 10th March 2017

Wk beginning Monday 20th February - Friday 24th February 2017

Observational drawings of a Hyacinth plant
Puzzle time!
Playing in the pond with the frogs and minibeasts.
Fun with the farm
Painting Tulips
Diggers and trucks
Using the beads to practice recognising numerals
A walk in the sunshine
Through the willow tunnel.....
We found some signs of Spring!
Miniature daffodils starting to shoot
"Look it's yellow!"
Taking a closer look at the Crocuses
We saw some sheep
and some ponies!

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term. I hope you had an enjoyable half term break. We have a busy few weeks ahead learning about Spring, Pancake Day, World Book Day, Mothering Sunday and Easter. Please see below for a copy of the planning for this half term. This is just a starting point and we will expand on these topics as the term progresses. Any questions, please do not hesitate to come and speak to me. Thank you, Miss Evison.

6th February - 10th February 2017

Playing with the wooden blocks
Building with our new bricks outside
Having fun with the Peppa Pig toys
Purple play sand
Making heart shaped biscuits for Valentine's Day
Add the sugar....
Mix together.....
Keep stirring!
Cutting out the biscuit shapes
Ready for the oven!
Mmmm, they look yummy!

30th January - 3rd February 2017

Playing and exploring together
Mark making in the salt tray
We love to paint in Nursery
Building with the construction toys
Making towers and roads with the building blocks
Chatting as we play
Letter printing the initial letter of our names
Having fun together
Look what's growing in the Nursery plant pots!
I wonder what flowers will grow from the shoots?
Playing with the Potato Heads outside

A warm welcome to our new Nursery children.

We have been having lots of fun getting to know each other and our new teacher, Miss Evison. Here are some photos from our first few days at Camms. You will also find here a copy of the topic planning for the next couple of weeks.


Please do come and talk to Miss Evison if you have any questions.

Letter to Parents and Carers January 2017

Having fun with the play dough.
We love drawing pictures on the SMARTboard.
Playing in the sand.
Fishing in the water tray.
Time to take a drive outside.
We love the train track.
Fun on the see-saws outside
Busy with the play dough
Exploring in the sand tray
Enjoying some fruit and milk at snack time
Making patterns with the cogs
'We are builders and we can fix things!"