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2021 - 2022 Documents

Safeguarding Folder 2021 - 2022


Each year the safeguarding documentation in school is reviewed and updated in order to keep up with latest guidance.


This is one of the most important folders in school as it contains all of the information we follow in keeping children safe.


The documents are presented in the way that they are in the folder, and as such, can appear a little disjointed.  So when navigating the documents they will come in four forms:


1.  A Cover Page:  this contains only the title and version of the document.  By making the cover separate, it is easier to update the document, track changes and reduces copying when a document hasn't changed


2.  School Policies:  These are a mixture of school-created and modified DCC polices.  These are usually word documents.


3.  Other Policies:  These are usually DfE or other Governmental Policies that have been adopted completely without modification.  Many of these are national documents or guidance.


4.  Forms and Templates:  These are additional documents which are required when making referrals.


To try and reduce the confusion, the folder is split into five sections, each having a separate function or guidance.

As with everything, if there is something you need, but cannot find, then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help.


Mr Cocking

September 2021

Approval and Review


These documents will all be put forward to the School Governors on the 18th October for approval.  At this point, any amends will be made.   The originals are then be signed for retention in school.


The policies are shared amongst the Governing Body for review and approval, will all Governors having access to all policies.


The documents on this page will not contain the signed covers. This is to reduce the workload associated with scanning and uploading.


If you wish to see the signed copies, then please contact the me and I will be happy to help.


All polices are reviewed annually, even though this is not required for all policies.  We feel that an annual review is a good way to keep our knowledge up to date and relevant.


Mr Cocking

Sept 2021