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2020 - 2021 Documents

S175 Safeguarding Action Plan

Model Policies


The documents below are ones that have been written by a variety of authorities and adopted by Camm's.  These policies are standard ones, that apply across the country, or Derbyshire, depending on the author and intent.

As a school, rather than rewrite the policies, we have adopted them wholescale (the only changes being names and other contextual items).  We feel that the policies are sound, sensible and as they are governmental, we should really tinker too much!


All of these policies were agreed and adopted at the first Governors' meeting of the year.  They were agreed under minute number FHM 041019.13 and signed on the 7/10/19 by Tori Lister (SEND Governor).  All signed copies are in the Safeguarding folder.  As all of the documents below are pdf files from the Government or authorities, a cover-sheet has been created for the paper copies.

Model Policies and Procedures

COVID-19 Appendix to Safeguarding Policy

School Policies


The following polices are ones that apply as part of our safeguarding duty.  These are a mixture of statutory, County-approved and school-owned.


There may be duplicates on the site, as there are many, many policies associated with school setting.


These polices were adopted, along with the statutory ones at the 4/10/19 Governor's meeting under FGM041019.13

School Safeguarding Policies