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Staff at school have worked hard over the last year reviewing the curriculum in line with government regulations and the school has invested in a new scheme of work which provides progression from Y1 through to Y6.  Evaluation of this work is ongoing and we will keep parents informed of children's progress through our regular contact events within school.  If parents are worried at any time about their progress they can contact their child's class teacher. A Curriculum statement is provided as a pdf document below.

School Admissions
Admission to the school in Reception is managed by Derbyshire County Council through the general Admissions process. Links for the County Council website where applications are made online can be found in our Useful Links page of this site.  In addition to this you can find our Admissions policy and forms in the links below.
We strive to provide a safe and fair place for our children to learn and have a number of policies to guide this work please find the statutory ones in PDF documents in the links below.

Pupil Premium
We receive an extra amount of money from the government to support the work we do with children that are on low incomes.  In the documents below you can find a document which outlines how we spent the pupil premium money in 2013-14 and we will be evaluating this work on an ongoing basis with the help of our governors.  

The change in the new curriculum has also brought about changes in the way in which we assess the children.  Under the current system 'levels' will only apply to Year 2 and Year 6, who will still be assessed under the current SATs system.  Reception and Nursery children are assessed under current EYFS framework, which is in its second year.  All other year groups are no longer required to be assessed using levels and schools have been encouraged to develop their own way of assessing the children against key national curriculum indicators.

At the present we are operating a 'mixed economy' whereby levels are being used to indicate progress against last academic year's attainment and then moving towards a system developed by Sheffield Schools.  The Sheffield STAT assessment system measures progress against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or milestones in the children's learning, thus giving a solid indication of progress throughout the year as lessons are taught and knowledge gained.  Derbyshire County Council is currently working an assessment system and is in the midst of trialing it with several schools around the county, but this is not due to 'go live' until April. Until that time, we are confident the STAT system will inform our teaching and learning.

Due to the changes to the whole assessment format, the Assessment Policy will be amended and updated to reflect this.

Primary PE and Sport Premium Funding
We receive an extra amount of money from the government to implement a "measurable and sustained improvement in school PE and sport".  We will keep you updated as to how this money is used.

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pdf.gif: Question feedback

Question feedback

Parent Voice Questions and results
File size: 39KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Advice_for_Parents_on_Cyberbullying_131114


Cyber-Bullying Info. New Government information for parents.
File size: 185KB (PDF File)

docx.gif: Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement
File size: 5MB (Word 2007 File)

pdf.gif: Prospectus 2014-2015 final

Prospectus 2014-2015 final

School Prospectus
File size: 2MB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Attainment and Progress for Website

Attainment and Progress for Website

Attainment and Progress data from 2013 - 2014
File size: 170KB (PDF File)

doc.gif: Camms School Day

Camms School Day

Camm's School Day
File size: 858KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Confidential Reporting Code Sept 2014

Confidential Reporting Code Sept 2014

This is the Confidential Reporting Code of Conduct. This should be consulted should you need to make confidential contact with, or about, the school, staff or anything connected with Camm's.
File size: 254KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Camms_PE_Policy


File size: 42KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Camm's Local Offer

Camm's Local Offer

Camm's Local Offer
File size: 98KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Camms Charging Policy - 2014

Camms Charging Policy - 2014

Charging Policy
File size: 182KB (Word File)

docx.gif: PP Analysis 2013 - 2014

PP Analysis 2013 - 2014

Pupil Premium for 2013-2014
File size: 26KB (Word 2007 File)

doc.gif: PE action Plan 2014 15

PE action Plan 2014 15

PE. Action Plan 2014 15
File size: 51KB (Word File)

pdf.gif: Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Statement

A document highlighting the key aspects of the Curriculum studied whilst children are at Camms.
File size: 277KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Admission Policy 2013-14

Admission Policy 2013-14

File size: 43KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Reception Admission Form

Reception Admission Form

File size: 67KB (PDF File)

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