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History of the School

In 1702, Thomas Camm gave an endowment to be used to build a schoolhouse and to employ a schoolmaster to teach 24 poor children in the parish of Eckington. In 1832, Robert Harrison moved the school to its second building, which cost £600.

He was headmaster of Camm’s for 44 years. In 1917, the pupils of Camm’s school performed the operetta The Enchanted Rose before a full house at the Picture House. The show raised £200 to pay a debt on the school building, and also provided money for the Red Cross during WW1. Later the musical tradition was continued by Mr West, the headteacher who wrote the original Camm’s song.

1975 marked the end of an era. Camm’s School had outgrown the old building after 143 years. Headmaster, Mr Burdett was responsible for moving the school to a modern open plan building. The old bell was ceremoniously carried from the old school to be relocated in the new hall, where it remains as a link with our past. Mr Kennon wrote a book The Spirit of Camm’s to mark the closing of the old school. He served Camm’s as a teacher at both schools for 47 years.

Miss Moore became the first female head of the school and was appointed in 1976. Many of the parents of our present pupils fondly remember Miss Moore and her staff. Since 1998, Mrs Angela Caulton has been the headteacher: the school is thriving with a strong musical tradition. The song Come Back in Time written in 2002 for the tricentenary, has become a firm favourite of staff and pupils. You can listen to the school choir singing the song by clicking on the link below.

School Admissions

Admission to the school in Reception is managed by Derbyshire County Council through the general Admissions process. Links for the County Council website where applications are made online can be found in our Useful Links page of this site.  In addition to this you can find our Admissions policy and forms in the links below.

School Prospectus

Although we are no longer legally obliged to publish a prospectus we still feel that this is the best way to communicate to current and prospective parents. Please find a PDF copy of our prospectus below this contains a wealth of information about school and what children and parents can expect when joining Camms.

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pdf.gif: PROSPECTUS 2013-14


File size: 3MB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Admission Policy 2013-14

Admission Policy 2013-14

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pdf.gif: Reception Admission Form

Reception Admission Form

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pdf.gif: PROSPECTUS 2012-13


File size: 3MB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: School Prospectus

School Prospectus

File size: 842KB (PDF File)

doc.gif: Church Inspection October 2010

Church Inspection October 2010

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pdf.gif: OFSTED Report 2010

OFSTED Report 2010

File size: 146KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: OFSTED  Report 2006

OFSTED Report 2006

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pdf.gif: Church Inspection Report

Church Inspection Report

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pdf.gif: Travel Plan

Travel Plan

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doc.gif: PATA


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Our School Profile

Where you can find an up to date version of the schools performance data and Ofsted Report

Derbyshire County Council

Link to education and learning page. You will find admissions info, future term dates and other general council information

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